T.E. Bridgewater II was not as inept at quarterback as Spergon Wynn, Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb in the Vikings' 20-13 victory on Sunday night in Lambeau Field.

But he was close.

Two Gloves Teddy went 10 for 18 righthanded for 99 yards, and 0 for 1 with an interception lefthanded, for an overall rating of 45.7.

Even with the victory and the NFC North title, this was disturbing for Vikings loyalists.

The reality is that Bridgewater has been OK this season: some good, some bad, and then real ugly on Sunday in Lambeau.

If Bridgewater plays like he did in Arizona's dome last month in Sunday's bitter cold at TCF Bank Stadium, if he makes six or seven tough throws in the clutch to his outstanding group of receivers, the Vikings have a chance to upset the Seahawks.

If Bridgewater goes the entire game without making an above-average play, as was the case against the Packers, even the Vikings' terrific defense won't be able to bail him out.

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