A big story on Monday was that Wisconsin's coaching legend, Bo Ryan, would lead the Badgers for one more season and then retire.

We were in the production room for the daily radio show when my colleague, Cory Roufs, reminded me that I had not yet linked Pitino to the Wisconsin opening.

I slapped myself upside the head for such an oversight and then sent out a tweet, "SOURCE: Alvarez targeting Richard Pitino as replacement for Bo Ryan in 2016.''

Anyone who has been involved in Twitter byplay with me for the past year would have chuckled over this. Everyone else should have said, "Why in Hades would Barry Alvarez be interested in a coach coming off a lousy season?'' They should have said, "That can't be true,'' and joined in the chuckle.

Pitino to Wisconsin. Sorry. This reached my threshold for obvious satire and/or sarcasm. I can't be responsible for non-followers who took it seriously.

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