Richfield City Council Member Pat Elliott became the city’s mayor Tuesday in a special election to fill the vacancy left when former Mayor Debbie Goettel moved to the Hennepin County Board this year.

The new mayor will take office March 28 and will serve through 2018.

The election results will become official Friday after they are approved by the council, said City Clerk Beth VanHoose.

The election pitted Elliott, 69, in his third council term representing the city’s west ward, against Dan Oxendale, 30, who ran for office for the first time.

Elliott received 78.7 percent of the vote, with 931 people voting for him and 238 voting for Oxendale.

Turnout was low, with ballots cast by just 5.7 percent of registered Richfield voters.

Elliott said he ran to advance goals and projects set forth by the council in the past few years.

Those projects include the reconstruction of 66th Street, two housing developments and the construction of a tunnel connecting the city’s southeast corner to the airport and Mall of America.

“Everything is really looking good in terms of all the projects we’ve got on the burner,” Elliott said Tuesday. “It’s really an exciting time for Richfield.”

Elliott, a lawyer who practices in Richfield, has lived in the city for 45 years.

Council Member Mike Howard served as interim mayor following Goettel’s election to the County Board.