For one family, it was one last chance at taking a deer. For another, it was one strange deer. And for yet another, it was a very short hunt that produced a very large deer. We let hunters tell the tales in one more batch of stories from the deer season.

(As told by grandpa Mike Vangstad of Alexandria)

Opening day in northern Minnesota and I had just positioned my grandson, Damie, in a tree stand. I was still walking away when the 17-year-old fired a shot. Rushing back to the stand, I saw Damie’s face light up the woods. After strenuous tracking on hands and knees, Damie exclaimed, “THERE HE IS!’’ The excitement and hugs will truly last a lifetime.

(As told by landowner Bill Klein of May Township)

Christian Washburn and his son, Aloysius, 12, of Woodbury were hunting from a platform deer stand in northern Washington County the morning of Nov. 10 when a doe appeared followed closely by a buck. Christian worried about trying a shot, because the buck was about 100 yards distant. But he took the shot and was glad he did, bagging what should have been a 10-point buck if the animal’s battle-worn rack was in one piece. Most of one side of the antlers was broken off, and the other side was bloodied from a recent fight.

(As told by dad Derrick Slagle)

It had been decades since the Slagle family of New Hope hunted late in the season. But this year, 13-year-old Jordan convinced me and his grandfather Dean to make one last attempt. In woods near Longville during the final Saturday of the gun season, Jordan heard a noise 50 yards to his right. The buck broke into a jog, but Jordan halted it with a grunt. From 100 yards away, he dropped his first-ever deer, an amazing 10-pointer.