Wild forward Zach Parise had an interesting recent interview with ESPN's Greg Wyshynski in which Parise addressed the Wild GM change and his health.

He talked about how he's only played for three general managers. That led naturally to a follow-up about whether Parise was surprised by the lack of moves made by the Wild this summer.

"I think everyone thought there was going to be [big moves]. We see the rumors, too. I don't know what happens on those phone calls," he said. "Maybe someone didn't like something, or whatnot. It's always easier said than done. Everyone would love to trade four or five guys for a first-line center."

At the risk of inferring too much it sounds like Parise is disappointed (at least somewhat).

Parise, 34, still has seven years left on his contract, but realistically his window for being a major contributor on a contending team is shorter than that time span.

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