An independent panel has recommended a $38,000 raise for Gov. Tim Walz, but it’s unclear whether he’ll get it.

The first-term Democrat’s annual salary increase, set to be phased in over the next three years, is one of a number of pay hikes urged in the most recent report by the state Compensation Council. The council, made up of Minnesotans appointed by previous governors and the state Supreme Court chief justice, also recommended increasing compensation for four other constitutional officers and members of the state judiciary.

The Minnesota governor’s $127,629 salary, now ranked 35th in the nation, has been increased only once since 2003, according to the council. Members argued that raising rates would help keep pace with cost of living increases and attract strong candidates to run for important posts.

“The Council believes that these salaries better reflect the varied and often critical demands placed on these Constitutional Officers,” the council wrote in an April 1 report to lawmakers.

The governor would remain the highest-paid state elected official under the new rates. But other constitutional officers would see a bigger boost to their bottom line. Pay for secretary of state and state auditor would go up more than $50,000 by 2022.

The raises need approval from the Legislature. Last session, the verdict from state lawmakers was no.