Officials at Paisley Park museum announced two new attractions this week as they prepare to mark the first anniversary of Prince's death.

First, Prince's Lovesexy room becomes part of the official Paisley tour on Saturday.

The room is not as provocative as the title or the cover of his 1988 "Lovesexy" album may suggest. There's even a sign in the new museum display room warning that the "provocative and frisky" cover photo — it's a nude Prince with his privates artfully covered — is not reflective of the contents of the album.

Or the room.

The room features six Prince outfits from the era (including the green tank top he wore for the "Alphabet St." video), lots of photos from the 1988-89 Lovesexy Tour, videos from those concerts and a very cool, customized white guitar that he played on tour. (It was designed by German luthier Jerry Auerswald, who also made Prince's famous glyph guitar.)

This was a room that Prince was planning for the museum he envisioned; he'd distributed e-mails with ideas and picked out most of the giant photos that adorn the walls. The photo on the outside door was even put there long before he died on April 21, 2016.

On Saturday night, Paisley After Dark will feature a video of the Lovesexy Tour shot in Dortmund, Germany, the final stop on the European leg of the tour. Admission is $60, and it includes a tour of Paisley Park. The movie will be screened at 9 p.m.

And then the memorial fence will return to Paisley Park. Temporarily, that is.

On April 3 and April 10, people will be allowed onto the Paisley Park grounds to display items on a new Purple fence near the main entrance to Prince's studio complex in Chanhassen.

A stretch of cyclone fence has been erected and covered with purple fabric. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on those two Mondays, fans will be allowed to drive into Paisley, park and place a memento/memorial on the fence. There is no charge or entrance fee.

People who pay to go on Paisley Park museum tours on other dates will also be given the opportunity to attach mementos to the temporary fence.

Everyone will be allowed to pose for a photo — taken by a Paisley staffer — before placing their items on the fence. The photos will be posted on Paisley Park's Facebook page.

Last year, the permanent fence surrounding the Paisley Park grounds became the focal point for fans who came from all over the world to pay their respects following Prince's death. The new Purple fence will be up until April 20, according to a Paisley Park spokesperson. But the mementos will be preserved by the museum's staff as were previous memorials.

For information, go to "The Celebration" — featuring live concerts, panel discussions and tours of Prince's studio complex — will be held April 20-23 at Paisley Park.