There are many reasons for the Twins' recent success, but among the most unexpected ones: Eduardo Power.

Between June 28 and Aug. 19, Twins infielders/utility players Eduardo Escobar and Eduardo Nunez did not hit a home run between them.

Since then, they have six home runs combined — four for Escobar and two for Nunez. The two Eduardos are 16-for-46 (.348) with 13 RBI and an OPS of well over 1.200 in that span, and the Twins are 8-2 since they began their dual hot streaks during a 15-2 rout of Baltimore.

BIG SLOWDOWN Twins games were moving at a swift pace earlier in the year, but seven of the past nine have taken at least three hours.

PERSONAL CATCHER Chris Herrmann has caught three of Ervin Santana's past four starts, including Sunday's gem. Maybe the two are getting a rapport?