As noted by Pro Football Focus' Nate Jahnke, the Packers have lost a ton of players in free agency this offseason: Eddie Lacy, T.J. Lang, J.C. Tretter, Julius Peppers, Datone Jones and Micah Hyde.

Lacy and Jones happened Tuesday. Jones (Vikings) and Lang (Detroit) are going to other teams within the division.

Some Packers fans are taking this in stride. Others … they are not. If you think Vikings fans are a little keyed up after losing a handful of players that were expected to leave, check out these Packers backers:

Comment from JS Online: "Packers are basically becoming some kind of minor league stepping stone team where players who do well for a season or two move on to other teams to make more money. Being a team that is 'rebuilding,' pretty much from scratch, every season gets tiring."

Ouch! Let's see if Twitter is any better.


Maybe a different Journal-Sentinel story about free agency as a whole, and not just the one about Lacy, will be better?

Ted's making it easier for Rodgers to leave in three years and find a team which can get to the Super Bowl once his contract is up. He still won't have another Super Bowl ring staying here.

Try again?

Thompson is a joke. The Packers win in spite of him, not because of him.

Nope, you're not safe anywhere.