Good cheer is often in short supply at airports, even during the holidays, when planes are more crowded than usual.

A TripAdvisor annual December survey shows that air travel will be robust in the two weeks ahead: Of respondents who said they'd be traveling, 46 percent said they would be flying during the holidays this year, compared with 43 percent who did so last year. The overall number of people traveling is also up.

Passengers won't be the only thing cramming jets in the week ahead. Expect to see overstuffed carry-ons, presents and bulky winter coats competing for overhead space.

One good way to cope with the hassles is to be kind -- to yourself and others.

Start by shipping gifts ahead. It'll leave room in your carry-on for more important things, such as the noise-canceling headphones you'll don as you send a sympathetic look (rather than an annoyed one) to the parents of crying babies.

Here are a few other "jetiquette" essentials:

Wear headphones when watching movies so your holiday flick doesn't become someone else's horror movie.

Don't elbow your neighbor; if you have the aisle or window seat, remember that the poor soul squeezed in the middle should get right-of-way to the armrest.

Rethink reclining, which puts the squeeze on the person behind you and often starts a domino effect.

Mainly, do what you can to put your fellow passengers at ease. If everyone does that, there's no doubt the joy of the season would reach high into the sky.

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