Ol' Bat-Biter (AP Photo)

Ol' Bat-Biter (AP Photo)

Well, that clears up something we’ve all been wondering about:
Ozzy Osbourne said that alcohol, not politics, has stopped him from playing in Israel until now.

 Osbourne is in Israel this week as part of this year's international Ozzfest tour, along with Soulfly and Korn. Tuesday's performance will be his first ever in the Holy Land.

 Asked why he hadn't played in Israel before, the heavy metal rocker, known for decades of decadence and substance abuse, told reporters in Tel Aviv on Sunday: "I guess I was drunk for so many years."

It’s possible he gives that as an excuse for lots of things.

That’s a current picture over there, by the way; he’s not looking too shabby for an old sauce-hound. Unless the sunglasses are hiding eyes that are so red he looks like someone screwed cherry tomatoes into his eye sockets.

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