With apologies to hockey, Minnesota really is the “State of Walleyes.” Minnesotans love their walleyes, and the tasty-but-elusive fish also draw anglers from well-beyond the state’s borders. Catching them isn’t always a simple matter, but anglers can increase their odds by using the right lures and baits in the right areas. There is nothing better than the classic Lindy rig, which includes, in order, a sinker (just heavy enough to stay on the bottom), a swivel, a 3- to 5-foot length of line called a leader, and a No. 6 hook baited with a leech, minnow or night-crawler. Second best is a jig — again, just heavy enough to stay in contact with the bottom, tipped with a piece of live bait. If possible, wait for an overcast or windy day, then troll a rig or jig slowly along a weed line or drop-off. Use your fishing rod to impart a little action, especially if you’re fishing with a jig. If you catch a walleye, mark the location. They’re schooling fish, so where there’s one, there’s usually more.