Scene at the fair

Outskirts and insiders of the fair

A parade of people, from fair workers to neighbors and kids, flow in and out of the fair, keeping it ticking along and watching the day's attractions stream past. 


Eight-year-old Joel Jensen and Grayson McDowell, 7, waited out the rain with their Trail Life USA youth group before their appearance in the fair’s 2 p.m. daily parade.
Smokey the Bear a.k.a. Michael Miller practiced his wave as his float from the Department of Conservation got ready to join the parade route.
America’s Little Miss float glittered with princess smiles from Natalie Laven, 13, holding 1-year-old Austyn Thieman, and Raelianna Battle, left, and Arianna Kras.
Ginger Johnson as Freyja the Viking took up her statuesque post outside the fair gates. It's her third year as a Viking goddess at the State Fair.
Mikala Vig, who is visiting, watches as Harrison Kantor, 8 plays with her dog Maxie. Harrison, who lives a couple blocks from the fairgrounds, loves the fair except for the times the concert keep him up.
Loc Vo, who owns Lucy's Fair Foods, has been on the lawn of a house a block from the main entrance of the Minnesota State Fair for the past 20 years.
Jehovah's Witnesses stood with bilingual signs and literature near the intersection of Como and Snelling to teach people walking by about their faith.
Denisha Hill hawks some bottled water in a parking lot across from an entrance to the State Fair. She uses her vacation days to earn a little extra money.