In the old days of the South by Southwest Music Conference, before there was a phone app, the best way to navigate the mad race from venue to venue was to map out your picks hour by hour.

Art-A-Whirl still doesn’t have its own app, so I used that model for the Twin Cities’ nearest thing to SXSW, once again taking over parking lots and side streets in northeast Minneapolis this weekend. Most parties are free, though a few have a $1-$5 cover.

Chris Riemenschneider


5 p.m.: Mike Michel’s Saltee (612 Brew); Miloe (Elias Metal Studio)

6: Lydia Liza (Indeed Brewing)

7: Mark Mallman (331 Club/Sheridan Room); Eric Mayson (Indeed)

8: Eleganza! (PNA Hall); Porcupine (331 Club); Flavor Crystals (Elias Metal)

9: Dua Saleh (331 Club); Green/Blue (PNA Hall); Lolo’s Ghost (9:15 p.m., DEMO party)

10: Black Widows (PNA Hall)



Noon: Static Panic (Bauhaus Brew Labs)

1: Mina Moore (1:30 p.m., Bauhaus); Go for Retro (1:30, Grumpy’s Bar)

2: Kiss the Tiger (1:45, Indeed)

3: PaviElle (2:45, Indeed); the April Fools (2:45, Elias Metal)

4: Calvin Krime (4:30, Grumpy’s)

5: Unknown Prophets (Anchor Fish), Rude Girl (5:30, DEMO party)

6: Killer Hill (members of Helmet, Grumpy’s); Solid Gold (Bauhaus); Sarah White (5:45, Indeed)

7: The Carnegies (Anchor Fish & Chips); The Bad Man (7:30, Grumpy’s)

8: The Blind Shake (8:15, Grumpy’s); Dylan Hicks (DEMO party); the Big Wu (8:30, 612 Brew)

9: The Suburbs (Bauhaus); Gay Witch Abortion (9:30, PNA Hall)

10: Murf (10:30, PNA Hall)



1: Sam Cassidy (Indeed)

2: Halloween, Alaska (Indeed)

3: Prairie Fire Lady Choir (331 Club); Happy Apple (3:30 p.m., Indeed)

4: Pert Near Sandstone (4:30, first of two sets, Indeed); Martin Devaney (Anchor Fish)

5: The Fox Loves (Anchor Fish)

6: Blaha (331), Valet (Anchor Fish); Makr (PNA Hall)

7: The Goondas (331 Club)


  • Anchor Fish & Chips, 302 13th Av. NE.
  • Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 NE. Tyler St.
  • DEMO party at Twin Ignition Startup Garage, 1317 NE. Marshall St.
  • Elias Metal, 1129 NE. Van Buren St.
  • Grumpy’s, 2200 NE. 4th St.
  • Indeed Brewing, 711 15th Av. NE.
  • PNA Hall, 1304 NE. 4th St.
  • 612 Brew, 945 NE. Broadway
  • 331 Club and Sheridan Room, 331 13th Av. NE.