1 What occurs in "Triple 9," a feverish cops-are-robbers noir, is a cavalcade of nightmares. John Hillcoat's superbly crafted film hooks us into a taut moral web and never lets up. It is a raw portrait gallery of hard-nosed police with a sideline in ruthless robberies, smirking psychopaths, cocky opportunists, flashy women, an anxious informer and enough bodies on the streets of Atlanta to fill a hospital.

2 Has ever a sad clown been so sad-sack as Chip Baskets? As the protagonist of "Baskets," Zach Galifianakis is abrasive, pathetic — oh, and funny. Returning home to bleak Bakersfield after a disastrous stint at a Paris clown school, he finds work as a rodeo entertainer and sort-of friendship with a mousy insurance agent (the marvelously deadpan Martha Kelly). Most episodes, though, it's Louie Anderson who commands the screen as Costco-obsessed Mama Baskets. 9 p.m. Thursdays, FX

4 After defining its special sound over its first two albums, Minneapolis' hypnotically rhythmic electro-hum rock band Poliça spends about half of its third album, "United Crushers," expanding that definition. The quartet got out of its element to record the 12-song collection at the Sonic Ranch outside El Paso, Texas, and it followed suit musically in such wider ranging tracks as the disco-poppy "Baby Sucks," the slow-humming ballad "Lately" and the awesomely tumultuous yet taut "Wedding."

3 Real-life mother and daughter Michelle Barber and Cat Brindisi star as mother and daughter in Peter Rothstein's staging of "Gypsy" at the Pantages. Barber is no Ethel Merman, but she invites our amusement as the ultimate stage mother. And Brindisi demonstrates what a smart actor she is, beautifully navigating the transformation from plain and insecure Louise into the confident stripper Gypsy. Ends March 13. ­hennepintheatretrust.org

5 Like a mashup of the Dakota Jazz Club and First Avenue, Crooners in Fridley is a made-over supper club that serves comfort (not foodie) food and good tunes in two distinctively different rooms. The main lounge is where an eclectic menu of bands such as St. Dominic's Trio, the Wolverines and Willie Walker play. The Dunsmore Room is for listening to intimate jazz on a BÖsendorfer piano by the likes of Butch Thompson and Dan Chouinard with vocalists. croonersloungemn.com