Almost everybody who knows anything about the live music offerings for Art-a-Whirl this weekend knows Superchunk is performing outside Grumpy’s. The North Carolina indie-punk torchbearers are being brought in to mark the cornerstone corner bar’s 20th anniversary on Saturday, a next-level booking for the ever-popular northeast Minneapolis neighborhood arts celebration.

There’s a lot more music than that, though. Here’s one music critic’s totally subjective recommendations amid the mad Whirl.


5 p.m.: Machinery Hill (DEMO party), Ripper (331 Club)

6 p.m.: Tongue Party (331)

7 p.m.: Umbrella Bed (DEMO party, 6:30 p.m. start)

8 p.m.: Flavor Crystals (Elias Metal), Birthday Suits (331)

9 p.m.: Gay Witch Abortion (331), Viva Knievel (Bauhaus Brew Labs, 8:30)


Noon: Thomas Abban (Bauhaus), Whiskey Rock ’n’ Roll Club (Grumpy’s)

1 p.m.: Lady Lark (Bauhaus, 1:30), the Carnegies (331)

2 p.m.: The Fox Loves (Grumpy’s, 2:15), Why Not (Elias Metal)

3 p.m.: Silverteens (Elias)

4 p.m.: Sass (331), Adam Levy & the Coming Collapse (Grumpy’s)

5 p.m.: Black Widows (331), the Evening Rig (Grumpy’s)

6 p.m.: The Bad Man (Grumpy’s), BNLX (331)

7 p.m.: The Cactus Blossoms (Grumpy’s), Shredders (Bauhaus, 7:30)

8 p.m.: Superchunk (Grumpy’s, 8:30)

9 p.m.: Black Eyed Snakes (Indeed), Har Mar Superstar (Bauhaus), Charlie Parr (331)

10 p.m.: Paris1919 (St. Boniface Church)


1 p.m.: 4th Curtis (331)

2 p.m. Dosh (Indeed)

3 p.m.: Porcupine (Indeed)

4 p.m.: 26 Bats! (331)

5 p.m.: Happy Apple (Indeed), Gaelynn Lea (331)

6 p.m.: Valet (Anchor)

7 p.m.: Romantica (Anchor)

8 p.m.: All Tomorrow’s Petty (331 Club)


Locations: 331 Club and Sheridan Room, 331 13th Av. NE.; the Anchor Fish & Chips, 302 13th Av. NE. ($1 cover); Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 NE. Tyler St.; DEMO party, 1317 NE. Marshall St. ($5 donation); Elias Metal Studio, 1129 NE. Van Buren St.; Grumpy’s, 2200 NE. 4th St. ($5); Indeed Brewing, 711 15th Av. NE. ($1); St. Boniface Catholic Church, 629 NE. 2nd St.