Other developments

Soccer solidarity: Fans and players of the French and English soccer teams delivered a moving display of solidarity at Wembley Stadium in London. In a pregame ceremony, the English and French sang "La Marseillaise" as one. Then the two squads came together around the center circle to observe a minute of silence. Wembley's iconic arch was lit up in the blue, white, and red of the French flag, while the French motto "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" was projected on the front of the English national stadium.

Dayton's briefing: Gov. Mark Dayton was among 34 governors who participated in a conference call to address concerns about Syrian refugees since the Paris attacks. The call was hosted by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. Administration officials described refugee screening procedures and said that of 23,092 referrals made by the United Nations' refugee agency, 2,174 have been admitted to the U.S. Nine have settled in Minnesota.

Refuge for history: France wants to set up a "refuge" for antiquities from the Middle East to protect them from destruction by ISIL or other zealots bent on wiping out centuries of art and culture they consider un-Islamic. President Francois Hollande said the plan would offer "asylum" to artifacts threatened by "fanatics who are attacking the living and the dead, all who have humanity today and tomorrow, and those of yesterday." Hollande announced the plan in a speech at UNESCO, the U.N.'s cultural agency.

Optimism: A cease fire between Syria's government and opposition could be just weeks away, Secretary of State John Kerry said in Paris. Speaking at the U.S. ambassador's residence, Kerry said the cease fire envisioned by the political process agreed upon in Vienna on Saturday would exponentially help efforts to fight ISIL. Saudi Arabia is expected to host a meeting of Syrian opposition figures by mid-December.

Iran's take: Iran's President Hassan Rowhani, in a phone conversation with French President Francois Hollande, called for greater international cooperation in combating ISIL. A statement on Rowhani's website says he told Hollande that "eradicating terrorism from Syria and Iraq should be our first priority and we should consult and cooperate with each other in this area."

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