A gun shop in Osseo is facing heavy criticism on social media after it sent an e-mail advertising ammunition for customers' "trip to the hood."

Several customers left unfavorable reviews on the Osseo Gun Club and Pro Shop's Facebook page after getting the e-mail late last week. The store's Facebook page has since been deactivated.

But many have shared an image of the advertisement listing nine different styles of firearms that "just arrived." The e-mail also lists Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter and SD40 VE handguns as its March specials.

Near the bottom of the e-mail and in parentheses, the ad reminds shoppers that "we have 30 rnd mags for your trip to the hood."

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the store's owner, Chris Williamson, said the e-mail was "completely unacceptable" and had been sent without approval.

"Once we became aware of the situation we took immediate corrective action with the employee and revised the e-mail," the statement said. "In no way was this e-mail appropriate, and we do not condone it."

Williamson apologized and said the store has taken steps to ensure something similar never happens again. Earlier, some took to social media to ask if the shop is promoting and advocating violence in the inner city.

At least one person on Facebook called for a boycott of the store at 22 NW. 4th St.