Merger talks between the Minneapolis law firms of Lindquist & Vennum and Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly are off.

As is often the case in unsuccessful law firm mergers, conflicts between clients at the respective firms appear to have derailed the combination.

"Our merger plans with Oppenheimer have encountered intractable conflicts that prevent the merger from moving forward, so we are tabling our discussions," Lindquist & Vennum managing partner Dennis O'Malley said in a statement.

Oppenheimer managing partner Brad Keil said the conflicts were of a nature that "cannot be resolved in the near term."

The two firms confirmed in August that they were in "preliminary discussions" about merging the two practices.

The lack of subsequent news about the talks prompted speculation in recent months that they had hit a snag.

"We continue to have the highest regard for Oppenheimer's attorneys and management and look forward to a warm working relationship with them in the future," said O'Malley.

Said Keil, "We have a high regard for the people at L&V and wish them continued success."

Lindquist & Vennum has more than 170 lawyers and Oppenheimer has nearly 100.

There has been a wave of mergers in recent years among midsize firms such as they attempt to grow their client base and achieve economies of scale.

David Phelps