April 2
To help Minnesotans make informed choices, the Star Tribune Editorial Board is presenting “Our Best Shot,” an occasional series that will enlist t

Our Best Shot: Addressing hesitations about the coronavirus vaccines

An occasional series from the Star Tribune Editorial Board.
Will Bunch
April 2
The F-35 Lightning II Demo Team performed at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show in Florida in November 2020.

The $1.7 trillion military goof that could have paid for Biden's infrastructure plan

Consider how U.S. wastes billions on weapon systems that are ineffective, often not even needed.
Christopher Landau
April 2
“Would-be migrants, like other people, are economically rational,” writes Christopher Landau, who served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico from 2019 to

Real reason for border crisis, as viewed by a former U.S. ambassador to Mexico

American employers are not held to account for willingness to hire millions of unauthorized immigrants.
Steve Sack
April 1
Sack cartoon: The little engine that ... quit?

Sack cartoon: The little engine that ... quit?

April 1
The trial of Derek Chauvin continues inside the heavily secured Hennepin County Courthouse.

Readers Write: Chauvin trial, federal election laws, sexual assault ruling

Justice is already here.
April 1
The Alliance of Alliances points to efforts like Northside Achievement Zone, which nurtures young scholars, as bright spots but says more must be done

With Alliance of Alliances, Twin Cities Black leaders focus on lasting change

This is a promising effort to address disparities that plague Minnesota.
Natividad Seefeld
April 1
Some homeowners rent the land their home is on, which means that land can be sold to someone else.

Homeowners who rent land need a chance to buy it

It would take away the fear of losing your home overnight.
Sandra Feist
April 1
Veterans deserve a break when they get in trouble.

We should treat, not punish, troubled vets

We seek to expand access to a restorative sentencing structure.
Kent Wong
April 1
People take in the view of the Hong Kong skyline from an overlook on May 29, 2020.

I swam for freedom to Hong Kong. Now it is sunk.

I dreamed of returning after the pandemic but fear that will be impossible.
Gail Collins
April 1
President Joe Biden appeared on a video monitor at the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. He was unveil

Biden and his trillions

Will he remembered as the supreme commander of the American Overhaul, or what?
Ezra Klein
April 1
Juan Carlos Guerrero, 62, held his second-shot reminder card after having received a dose of the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on March 17, 2021, in Mia

Is government too timid in the way it fights COVID-19?

"Ninety-nine years out of 100, I'm a libertarian," says one economist. "But then there's that one year out of 100."
Karen Levy
April 1
A decision pends on the dating app Tinder.

The dating game: You had me at 'clean record'

Tinder owner Match Group is trying to make it easier to obtain data on potential partners. That could create more problems than it solves.
March 31

Minnesota needs stronger sexual assault laws

Minnesota Supreme Court decision highlights a flaw in an existing statue.
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