September 11
The Golden Gate Bridge at 11 a.m. on Wednesday in San Francisco, amid smoky skies.

The week's news vividly depicts concurrent crises

The pandemic, race relations, wildfires and an incendiary campaign converge.
September 11
Police gather en masse as protests continue in Minneapolis on May 27.

In defense of police unions, which, after all, have a job to do

They're being singled out for blame, and it would be wise to fully consider the motivations.
September 11
Firefighters and a police officer just after the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Readers Write: The police, Trump and the coronavirus

These officers are our heroes.
Opinion Exchange
September 11

Trump administration's Iran policy further isolates the U.S.

Latest move on sanctions doesn't have the backing of key allies.
September 11
Bicyclists passed Wirth Lake at Theodore Wirth Park. ] LEILA NAVIDI • BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A warm and humid afternoo

Readers Write: Civil society, China's human rights abuses, the election, water pollution, COVID-19

Serendipity and ensuing reflection.
September 11
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz donned a face mask after a July news conference.

Stalemates over COVID relief, bonding continue in D.C., St. Paul

Congress, Legislature fail to reach agreement on measures to stimulate economy.
Jennifer Weiner
September 11
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulls back her hair while speaking about her visit to a hair salon during a news conference Sept. 2.

Nancy Pelosi went back to the salon, so does that mean I must?

Some saw hypocrisy. I saw the looming return of annoying beauty standards for women.
Noah Feldman
September 11
The presence of a gun morphs the rules of self-defense, and common sense has little to do with a case’s outcome.

How guns twist the logic of self-defense laws

Much hinges on the presence of a weapon.
Steve Sack
September 11
Sack cartoon: University of Minnesota athletics

Sack cartoon: University of Minnesota athletics

Editorial Board
September 11
An issue of Stars and Stripes on Aug. 2, 1953, broke the news of a truce in the Korean war.

Stars and Stripes survived an attack

And our troops are better for having an independent news source devoted to them.
Michael McGough
September 11
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is on President Donald Trump’s list of potential nominees for any Supreme Court opening. Here, Cruz listened to a brief

Trump released another gimmicky Supreme Court 'list'

Biden shouldn't follow suit.
Timothy L. O’Brien
September 11
President Donald Trump departed an event announcing additions to his list of potential Supreme Court nominees in the Diplomatic Room of the White Hous

Of course Trump couldn't resist Bob Woodward

The president is a media junkie with a fixation on the very same reporters he loves to castigate, and he has a limitless belief in his own powers of persuasion.
September 10

Daniel Prude's death puts spotlight on mental illness, policing

He died in police custody after hospital failed to provide treatment.
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