Margaret Sullivan
May 20
President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet Meeting in the East Room of the White House on May 19, in Washington.

The president's 'Obamagate' bluster: Don't lend this legitimacy

The media is helping Trump turn a bogus allegation into the 2020 version of Clinton's e-mails.
John Kass
May 20
There’s something to “Obamagate,” John Kass says, and we deserve to know before November.

The president's 'Obamagate' theory: There's something there

Before November, America must know more about the Trump-Russia probe.
Tim Pawlenty
May 19
Rather than thinking of the other side as evil, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty says, we should listen to and learn from them.

Tim Pawlenty: COVID-19 makes clear that we must restore decency, civility to politics

Even before the pandemic, fear and anger were rampant in the U.S. We need to listen and learn in order to move forward.
Bob “Again” Carney Jr.
May 19
It’s up to you to take back the Republican Party, the writer says.

Counterpoint: Calling all (reasonable) Republicans to take your party back!

Minnesota's primary filing period is now open.
Jason Lewis
May 19
Donald Trump speaks on election night in New York, Nov. 8, 2016.

Jason Lewis: GOP isn't what it once was. Good riddance.

Counterpoint: It's no longer the old insiders' echo chamber. Those members have been shown the door.
Steve Sack
May 19
Sack cartoon: I'm not a doctor ...

Sack cartoon: I'm not a doctor ...

May 19

Minnesota schools are in line for pandemic relief

Federal COVID funds should help state districts with higher child care, technology costs.
Opinion Exchange
May 19

As businesses reopen, consumers have some questions

For example: Are face masks not just requested but required?
May 19
A barber cuts hair in Pinecrest, Fla., on Monday. The state is more open than many others.

Readers Write: Reopening, bars and restaurants, churches, partisanship, theology

Here comes the tricky part.
Editorial Board
May 19
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences met Tuesday, April 28, 2020, to approve several new rules and changes for the next Oscars telecast –

We don't need a big screen to know when a movie is Oscar-worthy

The academy shouldn't, either. The art of filmmaking will survive change.
Saad B. Omer
May 19
We need the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be the best possible, the writer says.

The CDC — our best defense against pandemics — needs reform now

It needs to focus. It needs to modernize. It needs to be better funded but less political.
Philip Bump
May 19
President Donald Trump participates in a roundtable with restaurant executives and industry leaders, at the White House in Washington, where he reveal

Trump, hydroxychloroquine, ripple effects and credulity

It's hard to know what to take at face value when the president speaks. But his claim that he's taking an unproven drug could trigger a cascade of negative effects.
May 18

Trump shouldn't be allowed to avoid oversight

Congress needs to press for answers on firings of four inspectors and a whistleblower.
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