August 27
People clashed with police in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday, with some smashing windows and looting stores after a false rumor spread that a man w

Readers Write: Recent unrest in Minneapolis and Kenosha, the police, protecting businesses

This isn't working.
August 26
The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates rejected the Trump campaign's request for an additional debate against Joe Biden, as well as its ef

Readers Write: The election, the census, policing

A guide to the months ahead.
August 25
Attendees cheer as the president speaks at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Readers Write: Party conventions, colleges and COVID-19

This isn't the GOP I knew.
August 24
Lorenze Hoss, a freshman international student from Germany, disinfected chairs and tables in a classroom on Wednesday. ] ALEX KORMANN • alex.korman

Readers Write: College and coronavirus, scientific truth, Enbridge Line 3

Be the adults you are.
August 21
First-year medical student Emily Otiso, outside her apartment in Detroit, was featured in an Aug. 16 article. Otiso says she’s felt more understood

Readers Write: 'Minnesota Nice,' Minnesota Poll on support for policing changes, electric vehicles

A phrase we can do without.
August 21
Tens of thousands of books, school supplies, sports equipments in the hands of underserved children in the greater Twin Cites area thanks to efforts o

Readers Write: Women's sports participation, 2020 election

Participation isn't so simple.
August 21
A woman waves to her daughter from her window at St. Ann’s Residence in Duluth, Minn., in April.

Readers Write: Coronavirus loneliness, the USPS, racism on campus

It's lonely in here.
August 20
Fairgoers ride the swings at the Kidway at the Minnesota State Fair in 2019.

Readers Write: Minnesota State Fair, Minneapolis police union, Enbridge Line 3, local news

With luck, see you next year.
August 19
A caravan of Black Lives Matter protesters arrived Saturday at the home of Minneapolis Police Federation president Bob Kroll and his wife, WCCO report

Readers Write: Protest locations, the Trump campaign and Russia, Bill Clinton at the convention, police contracts, debating Minneapolis

Leave the private homes of protest targets alone.
August 18
People gathered at Powderhorn Park on June 7 to discuss defunding the Minneapolis police.

Readers Write: Police reform, DFL candidate John Thompson, the mail, photography

A Minneapolitan's take.
August 17
A Minneapolis park police officer watched after people living in a homeless encampment in Powderhorn Park were forced to leave on Friday in Minneapoli

Readers Write: Homeless encampments, Minneapolis police, Trump in Minnesota, Postal Service

A missed opportunity, defunders.
August 14
Body camera footage shows Derek Chauvin (front) pinning George Floyd to the ground.

Readers Write: Derek Chauvin and policing, revolutions, YMCA cuts, coverage of home trends

The Derek Chauvin example.
August 14
Workers remove the sign at Chicago Lake Family Dental, which was forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic, then destroyed in the unrest followi

Readers Write: Coronavirus' impact on one family, reopening, Minneapolis police

COVID's impacts only grow.
August 14
President Donald Trump at a news conference in early August. On Aug. 13, he said he opposes election aid for states and a bailout for the U.S. Postal

Readers Write: Trump and the post office, COVID risks, Minneapolis cleanup

What a load of junk mail.
August 13
Debris from two Minneapolis bookstores destroyed in May’s riots has still not been cleared away. Until Thursday, the city required owners to prepay

Readers Write: Cleaning up Minneapolis, Kamala Harris as a running mate, Enbridge Line 3

Piles of rubble remain.
August 12
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate on Tuesday.

Readers Write: Kamala Harris, Minnesota primary results, managing the coronavirus

The vice president we need.
August 11
Hennepin County election workers count absentee ballots cast in the primary.

Readers Write: Mail-in voting, back to school, Bottineau light-rail line, polarization

Not "missing. Try "unused."
August 10
Workers pack meals for students to pick up on the first day of distance learning in Oakland, Calif.

Readers Write: Back to school, Israel, stimulus packages, NRA lawsuit, the virus

Don't blame families for adapting.
August 8
Absentee ballots are being requested at a record level this year. Here, Minneapolis elections administrator Jon Martin ran newly received ballots thro

Readers Write: U.S. Postal Service, the police and PTSD, income and wealth disparities in Minnesota

Election concerns and more.
August 7
Protesters walked in a march to defund the police on June 6 in Minneapolis.

Readers Write: Minneapolis charter amendment, police, stifling sneezes

That was predictable.
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