June 9
People survey the damage along Lake Street in Minneapolis as a fire burns to the east on May 30.

Readers Write: Rebuilding, police reform, Sen. Paul Gazelka, defunding the police

Can't we mobilize to rebuild, too?
June 8
Andrea Jenkins, vice president of the Minneapolis City Council, spoke to community members Sunday about defunding the Police Department. Jenkins and e

Readers Write: Defunding Minneapolis police, Mayor Jacob Frey, Holy Land boycotts

Get rid of this structure.
June 7
People gather to demand justice for George Floyd on May 28 in Minneapolis.

Readers Write: Racism, police forces, race and sports, Trump

For wisdom, read the poets.
June 6
On Friday, elected officials met with business owners on West Broadway in Minneapolis who had been affected by looting and riots. Sens. Tina Smith and

Readers Write: Klobuchar's VP prospects, photos of COVID-19 victims, police reform, race in general, mail delivery

Don't pigeonhole Minnesota's senior senator.
June 5
Protesters kneel for a moment of silence in support of George Floyd in Minneapolis on June 3.

Readers Write: Systemic racism, clean-up volunteers, city politics, the pandemic, 2020 election

White America has work to do.
June 4
Volunteers cleaned up rubble last week along University Avenue in St. Paul.

Readers Write: Rebuilding, systemic racism, charging former officers, diversity in sports

Heal the community, too.
June 3
Volunteers removed graffiti from a Minneapolis charter school and cleaned up areas near Lake Street.

Readers Write: Lasting change, protests, policing, the vice presidency, some hope

Let the real work begin.
June 2
The intersection by Cup Foods in south Minneapolis is now a memorial to George Floyd.

Readers Write: George Floyd, police union, police tactics, gun control, inequality

Together, do what Floyd couldn't.
June 2
Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, pictured in 2018.

Readers Write: Leadership, policing by consent, cleaning up, deaths in police custody

The head of the police union must go.
May 29
Police stand outside the Third Precinct on Wednesday. The building burned down the next day.

Readers Write: Policing models, riots, small acts of kindness

Rethink our policing model.
May 29
Back in March, a voter left after casting her ballot at First Congregation Church in Minneapolis during Minnesota’s first presidential primary in de

Readers Write: 'A referendum on progressivism,' problems with long-term care

Different meanings for different people indeed.
May 29
The Minneapolis Third Police Precinct was set on fire during protests on Thursday night.

Readers Write: Protests against George Floyd's death

Constructive action must start now.
May 28
Firefighters extinguish flames in apartments under construction, at left, on Thursday in Minneapolis. The building burned as protests against the deat

Readers Write: The aftermath of George Floyd's death

And yet, I have hope.
May 27
A police officer threw a tear-gas canister toward protesters after a rally for George Floyd on Tuesday.

Readers Write: The death of George Floyd

My neighborhood, the war zone.
May 26
The FBI and Minnesota agents are investigating the death of George Floyd on Monday in Minneapolis after video from a bystander showed a white police o

Readers Write: Officer-involved death; COVID-19 and churches, testing, masks; Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tara Reade and Joe Biden

The police control basic freedoms, but not with equal measure
May 23
People cheer for medical workers amid the coronavirus pandemic last week in New York.

Readers Write: Memorial Day, keeping churches closed

Honor all on the front lines.
May 22
Minnesota House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, leaving the chamber on May 17.

Readers Write: Minnesota's strategy, long-term care, newspapers, diet and disease, archdiocese ombudsman Tom Johnson

Call it bipartisan if you want, but it isn't.
May 22
Jeff Johnson and his mother, Kathy, visit his father, Michael, at a nursing home in New Hope, Minn.

Readers Write: Nursing homes, reopening, state raises, foster care, stay-home tips

Protect the vulnerable from this virus.
May 22
On the final day of the legislative session, around 100 people, including state representatives, gathered in front of the State Capitol to pray for Mi

Readers Write: Reopening churches and more, victory gardens, face masks

You, average citizen, think you know best?
May 21
A man sanitizes pews after an in-person mass at Christ the King Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas.

Readers Write: Churches reopening early, Jason Lewis

Stand for justice, not this.
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