May 20
U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis, pictured when he was a U.S. representative in 2018.

Readers Write: The future of the Republican Party, racism in the NFL

Where Jason Lewis wants to take the GOP, let's not follow.
May 19
A barber cuts hair in Pinecrest, Fla., on Monday. The state is more open than many others.

Readers Write: Reopening, bars and restaurants, churches, partisanship, theology

Here comes the tricky part.
May 18
Zahid Memood drops off donated food to homeless people temporarily residing at the Chaska Super 8. Several metro counties are renting rooms for people

Readers Write: Housing assistance, reopening bars, staying safe, aging

Prevent the coming crisis — homelessness.
May 15

Readers Write: Students' contributions in COVID-19 fight, face masks, job losses in middle age, Twin Metals mining proposal

We're all in it together, and these students are on the right side.
May 15
A swing set sat empty on the beach behind Cragun’s Resort on Gull Lake in Brainerd, Minn., last week.

Readers Write: Reopening, Trump's leadership, the Electoral College

A dial, not a switch, is the right metaphor.
May 15
Kyle Eaton, the lead pastor at Rock Hill Community Church in Duluth, Minn., preached to a nearly empty room while being livestreamed at the end of Mar

Readers Write: Resuming religious services, federal aid to states

Reopening will not make our community whole.
May 14
The new reopening rules limit religious services, including at the Cathedral of St. Paul, to 10 attendees.

Readers Write: Resuming religious services, social distancing, work safety, stay-home orders, masks, grading

The Cathedral safely holds more than 10 people.
May 13
Members of the Native American community of Picuris Pueblo, N.M., screen vehicles as they enter and exit tribal property. Native American communities

Readers Write: Local restrictions, social distancing, graduation, distance learning, China

If we can travel, so can COVID.
May 12
Students at a school in Prague wear masks in the classroom on May 11.

Readers Write: Distance learning grades, graduation, the lockdown, reopening, expertise, birthdays

This grading solution is just lazy.
May 11
Protesters demonstrated outside Minneapolis Public Schools headquarters in north Minneapolis on Friday against the district redesign plan. The school

Readers Write: Minneapolis district redesign, distance learning, stay-home orders

Can anybody hear us?
May 8
A high school senior poses in her cap and gown and a bandanna face covering in Austin, Texas.

Readers Write: Canceled graduations, traveling during a pandemic, religious services

We understand why we can't have graduation. Do you?
May 8
Not to give away a letter writer’s punch line, but … things could be worse? (This woodcut image of an event in 1618 portrays one of a series of ex

Readers Write: Watchdog aversion, rooftop solar, Twin Metals mine proposal, gun ruling, COVID-19 research, 'uff da'

The fall of public servants in the Donald Trump era.
May 8
Medical personnel administer coronavirus tests at a drive-though testing facility in California.

Readers Write: Herd immunity, reopening, Sweden, Michael Flynn, lockdown

Herd immunity has a cost.
May 8
Maria Corrales, of Mecca, Calif., had to stop working and stay home after her child care provider closed.

Readers Write: Coronavirus, child care, airlines, meat supply, Red Barn protest

Child care is not a new problem.
May 6
Gov. Tim Walz listened on Monday as Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Frans spoke about Minnesota’s budget projection. The outlook has crumbl

Readers Write: State budget deficit, Minneapolis schools plan, stay-at-home weight gain

It would be a mistake to respond to a crisis with austerity
May 5
A laboratory scientist cultures the coronavirus to prepare for testing in Frederick, Md.

Readers Write: Scientific literacy, virus responses, the pandemic economy, food supply

A dose of scientific literacy.
May 5
Vehicles circled the State Capitol on Saturday, protesting Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-home orders.

Readers Write: Legislature, Fifth District race, federal funding, limericks

Rural Minnesota needs this bill
May 3
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a presidential primary debate in Charleston in February.

Readers Write: Tara Reade allegations, Minneapolis school redesign, Minneapolis Park Board, foreign doctors

Next up, Trump's accusers. Right?
May 2

Readers Write: 'A month into mass quarantine — what now?' Plus: COVID-19 models

Numbers vs. people.
May 1
The Rev. Phil Rose of Episcopal Homes, a chaplain, holds a sign in support of long-term care workers.

Readers Write: How are you coping?

What helps: A sweet treat and a friend.
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