May 2

Readers Write: 'A month into mass quarantine — what now?' Plus: COVID-19 models

Numbers vs. people.
May 1
The Rev. Phil Rose of Episcopal Homes, a chaplain, holds a sign in support of long-term care workers.

Readers Write: How are you coping?

What helps: A sweet treat and a friend.
April 30
A boy wears a face mask in Bogota, Colombia, to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Readers Write: Face masks, food supply, meat, health care capacity, front-line workers

Cover up or stay out.
April 29
A view down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, empty because of the coronavirus lockdown. The northeastern U.S. saw a 30% decrease in nitrogen

Readers Write: Fossil fuels, Pence's Mayo visit, assisted-living, Trump, global cease-fire

As the virus kills, cleaner air saves.
April 28
A pedestrian wears a mask in Minneapolis last week. All Americans are encouraged to do the same.

Readers Write: Face masks, opioid epidemic, social distancing, Tara Reade, Trump

It's time for businesses to mask up or close.
April 27
The University of Minnesota announced last week it will freeze tuition for most students at its five campuses in the next academic year. Some other un

Readers Write: Tuition freezes, distance learning, environmental standards, DACA, tennis, coloring

Freeze the price of college.
April 24
A funeral home in Piacenza, Italy, is full of coffins due to the crushing death toll from COVID-19. The country has banned funerals to curb the diseas

Readers Write: COVID-19 fatalities, insulin, pandemic planning, Lysol, sports salaries

Virus deaths are more than a statistic.
April 24
An assortment of personal protective equipment, or PPE.

Readers Write: Personal protective equipment, Earth Day, balanced news, languages

Not a hospital shortcoming.
April 24
A classroom sits empty at an elementary school in Baltimore. In Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz announced distance learning will continue for the rest of the

Readers Write: Pandemic education, enforcing distance at reopened businesses

Dear students: We miss you.
April 23
Chickens gather to feed at Sleepy Bison Acres farm in Sleepy Eye, Minn., in February.

Readers Write: Food supply, DACA recipients, reopening, news media, COVID-19 deaths

Small farms will help us weather the coronavirus crisis.
April 22
Kerry and Barb Mergen outside their chicken house near Albany, Minn., with a straggler that eluded the crew that euthanized 61,000 laying hens in thei

Readers Write: Corporate farming, decisions amid disease, presidents and the press (and Julian Assange)

Does corporate farming care?
April 21
Hundreds of people listened to speakers in New York’s Union Square Park on the first Earth Day in 1970.

Readers Write: Earth Day and climate change, Joe Biden, reopening society, the State Fair

The current crisis can teach us about the next one — climate change.
April 21
New Yorkers hand out literature in the Bronx about domestic violence.

Readers Write: Domestic violence, 'Liberate Minnesota' protest, parkways closed to traffic, reopening the economy

Fight abuse, not the stay-home order.
April 17
A rental property in Minneapolis is pictured on April 7.

Readers Write: Affordable housing, fossil fuels, mercury rules, pacts to reopen states

Simplify affordable housing and just fund it.
April 17
Masks for hospital workers sewn by Corinna Bakken, the Minnesota Opera’s costume director. With overrun hospitals facing an acute shortage of masks,

Readers Write: Personal protective equipment, coronavirus stats, COVID and climate, municipal governments, satisfying curiosity, finding balance in the news

A national or local disgrace?
April 17
A woman wears a face mask as she walks her dog around Normandale Lake in Bloomington.

Readers Write: Reopening society, rape kit testing, shutdown harms

"Normal" won't return. But life will.
April 16
An almost empty light-rail car rides through Minneapolis during the evening rush hour on Monday.

Readers Write: When to reopen, Line 3 town halls, emergency preparedness, some poetry

Check your math, Drazkowski. The curve isn't flat.
April 15
A U.S. Postal Service worker makes a delivery with gloves and a mask in Philadelphia.

Readers Write: The Postal Service, our food supply, Trump's authority, relief checks

Neither snow nor rain ... but maybe funding shortfalls.
April 14
Former Vice President Joe Biden shook hands with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., during a Democratic presidential debate in Iowa in January. Sanders endor

Readers Write: Progressives' election choice, reopening the country, mail-in voting fraud

Opting out is not a message.
April 13
A handwritten sign hangs on the door of a closed barber shop in downtown Alexandria.

Readers Write: Reopening society, coronavirus deaths, the pandemic's aftermath, Easter

Reopening society is not so simple.
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