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May 20

Let wheels turn on 'adventure' route

Border-to-border tour along existing back roads in northern Minnesota needn't be seen as destructive.
May 19
Smoke rises from a building in Gaza City on May 18 after an Israeli airstrike.

Cease-fire, then ceaseless diplomacy needed in Israel

Israelis and Palestinians need international efforts to spur a solution to endless enmity.
May 18
People shop at the Mall of America on the day the governor lifted the mask mandate for Minnesota.

Integrity is key after Minnesota's mask mandate is lifted

With no way to police vaccine status, individual honesty and responsibility are critical.
May 17

Welcome news on state budget deal

Although a special session is necessary, there was needed compromise on the big picture.
May 16
At the University of Minnesota Field House, students, staff, and faculty took saliva COVID-19 tests on Nov. 17, 2020, before the university locked dow

Require COVID vaccination for college students

Macalester and Carleton are leading. State's other colleges, universities should follow.
May 15

Good government needed at Minnesota Capitol

Yes, pandemic has made it tough, but transparency has been in short supply for too long.
May 14

Our Best Shot: Previous infection is no excuse to skip COVID vaccination

Medical experts agree that the most robust protection comes from getting vaccinated.
May 13
An electronic pulltab game at CR’s Sports Bar in Coon Rapids in 2014.

Legislature, Walz shouldn't squander e-pulltab success

Revenue is a critical source of funds for many charitable organizations and U.S. Bank Stadium.
May 12

School-age kids should be tested to stop viral spread in Minnesota

Tracking COVID-19 infections, along with vaccines, will help state beat virus.
May 11
Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

GOP's shameful attack on Liz Cheney

Republican House lawmakers, revealing fealty to Trump's lies, look to purge a truth teller.
May 10
St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson

Law enforcement at its best in St. Cloud

Several agencies, skilled negotiators averted a tragedy and kept bank employees safe.
May 9
University of Minnesota Police Chief Matt Clark in 2015.

Focus should be on a safer University of Minnesota campus

Student activists seem more focused on a number of unhelpful demands.
May 8

Our Best Shot: Fact-checking claims about COVID vaccines and fertility

Medical experts agree: There's no evidence the immunization causes infertility.
May 7

No need for 'or-else' legislative demands in Minnesota

State Senate Republicans may hurt tourism with threats over clean-car emissions.
May 6

Kudos, Sen. Smith

Senator's willingness to revisit her own mental health struggles can help others get help.
May 6
After a year of mostly grim gubernatorial updates about COVID-19, Gov. Tim Walz expressed relief on Thursday: “We’re here, we’re here, we’re h

A sensible COVID plan for a return to normal

A summer of normalcy beckons, thanks to Minnesotans who stepped up for shots.
May 5
Former President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 28, 2021.

In Trump vs. Facebook, a split decision

This is a good time to remember the merits of promoting the freest possible exchange of ideas.
May 4

Set the record straight on the use of tear gas

Law enforcement agencies should be transparent about what they're using to quell rioting.
May 3

Criminal justice fees in Minnesota pose an unfair burden

A just system needs proportionality, and the state places too large a burden on poorest residents.
May 2
An artist’s rendering of the proposed Lexington Station apartments in St. Paul.

Stop putting up obstacles to the kind of project St. Paul needs

Minneapolis developer would fully finance Green Line corridor apartment complex.
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