June 12

Whatever the official number, U.S. jobless rate is troubling

"Misclassification error" doesn't obscure enduring economic pain of the ongoing pandemic.
June 11

Special session shouldn't be wasted

Legislature has a chance to make progress on police reforms and economic recovery.
June 10

Minneapolis police chief targets needed reforms

Arradondo's call for community policing is welcome, but union chief stands in the way of progress.
June 9

World Health Organization's fumbled COVID-19 message

Despite doctor's comments, those who don't have symptoms can still spread the virus.
June 8

Peaceful protests are changing minds

Shows of solidarity for George Floyd have the power to lead to needed systemic reforms.
June 7

Protesters should get tested for COVID-19

Mass gatherings' risk factors require responsible action from those who marched for justice.
June 6

Good riddance to neck-restraint tactic

It's been in the MPD policy manual and has been put to use.
June 5

Taking the next step in Minnesota's COVID-19 response

Eateries, other small businesses needed to move to third stage of reopening.
June 4

Respond strongly to China on Hong Kong

Beijing's regional and domestic aggression is best met through ideals, revitalized alliances.
June 3

Battle plan 2.0 needed to protect Minnesota seniors from COVID-19

Focus, innovation are needed to prevent spread of infection in long-term care facilities.
June 2

Ellison can help build trust that justice will be served in Floyd case

Attorney general's experience in civil rights is needed as case tests legal system's credibility.
June 1
A small army of community members and volunteers work on Saturday to clear water and debris outside 27 Avenue Cafe, just off of Lake Street.

A much-needed boost from helpers in Minneapolis, St. Paul

With their cities hurting, community builders arrived to clean up and start the rebuilding.
May 31
The fire-scarred entrance to the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct building on Saturday, in the wake of protests over the death of Geor

A week that will live in ignominy

Further observations on the coming-apart of the place where we live.
May 30
At a news conference in February, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, left, listened as Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington spoke about 2

After the mayhem ends, get serious about public safety reform

Start with statewide work already launched on deadly force encounters.
May 29
Neighbors fought with garden hoses and buckets to save homes after rioters set fire to a multi-story affordable housing complex under construction nea

Failure of leadership added to Twin Cities chaos

It's clear now that Walz and mayors weren't on the same page this week.
May 28
Dawn broke on Thursday after a second night of unrest in south Minneapolis following the death Monday of George Floyd, who had been detained by police

After George Floyd: Twin Cities leaders walk a fine line

The need for candid but calming voices goes beyond government.
May 27

Restraint needed as Minneapolis burns

Angry response to George Floyd's death is understandable, but more violence isn't the answer.
May 26
Four Minneapolis police officers were fired and federal authorities are investigating after a video surfaced Monday showing an officer kneeling on a h

'Please, please, please, I can't breathe'

After another officer-involved death, officials face a skeptical public.
May 25

Spur recovery, including in Minnesota, by advancing trade with U.K and E.U.

First round of talks between Washington and London are encouraging.
May 23
The Minnesota Legislature’s Republican leaders, Kurt Daudt and Paul Gazelka, shown in 2018.

Walz, Legislature still have a to-do list

Minnesota needs a bipartisan approach to problem-solving in ongoing pandemic.
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