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Bill Bramhall
July 5
Editorial cartoon: Bill Bramhall on Democratic momentum

Editorial cartoon: Bill Bramhall on Democratic momentum

Joseph Mello
July 5
In this Jan. 6, 2018, file photo, an employee stocks cannabis at a store shortly before its first day of recreational marijuana sales in San Francisco

Nationally, legal weed is a successful yet disappointing social movement

One of the most stubborn challenges: racial equity.
the Editorial Board of the Las Vegas Review-Journal
July 4
The Supreme Court building on June 27, 2024, in Washington.

A middle ground on presidential immunity

It's still true that no president is above the law.
Trudy Rubin
July 4
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: “It is impossible to help Ukraine with one hand and shake Putin’s hand with the other. It will not work."

Zelenskyy lays out how Ukraine can win …

… if the West loses its fear of Putin.
Peter Kuper
July 3
Editorial cartoon: Peter Kuper on single-use plastics

Editorial cartoon: Peter Kuper on single-use plastics

Harry Litman
July 3
President Donald Trump greets the crowd at the "Stop The Steal" Rally on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

Can Donald Trump still be tried for Jan. 6?

What is theoretically and practically possible after the Supreme Court's immunity ruling are different things.
Dick Schwartz
July 3
“Any day is made better when I’m delayed at a train crossing,” writes Dick Schwartz.

Riding the rails of July 4 memories

The night train to Chicago takes a sidetrack through a neighborhood bully's territory.
Tim Wu
July 3
As the range of activities that qualify as "speech" expands, the First Amendment is interfering with the ability of government to protect its citizens

First Amendment is out of control

Big Tech is increasingly safe from government regulations.
Jeff Koterba
July 2
Editorial cartoon: Jeff Koterba on the immunity ruling

Editorial cartoon: Jeff Koterba on the immunity ruling

Logan O’Grady and Johanna Neumann
July 2
“Up to now, momentum behind rooftop solar has been stalled by local government red tape,” write Logan O’Grady and Johanna Neumann.

New app promises faster rooftop-solar approvals in Minnesota

Cumbersome process has created frustrating delays for homeowners and businesses seeking access to cleaner energy.
Oren Gross
July 2
Jeff Ettinger, then the University of Minnesota’s interim president, addresses the Board of Regents in May. Last month, the Faculty Senate took a no

No confidence in that 'no confidence' vote at the U

Interim president acted appropriately in pausing the Holocaust Center hire.
Alexander Davis
July 2
A silhouette of Theodor Herzl and an Israeli flag hanging from a pole attached to the side of a building in Jerusalem, Israel.

Israel's founding dreamer envisioned a New Society

Theodore Herzl gave life to a Zionist movement that offered Jews a sense of pride, place and purpose.
Patricia Lopez
July 2
President Joe Biden at the White House on Monday. Biden’s campaign, in a release weeks before the federal filing deadline, says it had raised $127 m

Replacing Joe Biden is a fantasy Democrats must abandon

The president knows that now "you work a little harder," says Minnesota's AG, Keith Ellison. "That's called grit. Fortitude. Commitment."
the editors of Bloomberg Opinion
July 1

Chip dreams will fade without more immigrants

Here's the minimum Congress should do.
Stephen L. Carter
July 1
Protesters demonstrating against the argument that former President Donald Trump has “absolute immunity” outside the Supreme Court in Washington,

I'm not sure Trump is the big winner in the Supreme Court's immunity decision

There's enough in that ruling to keep his troubles from being over.
Ken Tobacman
July 1
President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden step off Air Force One on Saturday: His appearances since the debate have been reassuring, writes Ken To

Why I plan to vote for Joe Biden again

The aging process is obvious, but neither Democrats nor Republicans have put forward any candidate with the same level of experience and skill.
Ross Douthat
July 1
President Joe Biden holds a campaign event in Raleigh, N.C., on Friday: Replacing him with another candidate would spare America from significant dang

Biden worries are not just about the election

If he were to win a second term, who'd be making decisions? And what would the rest of the world do with this uncertainty?
Jen Gilhoi
June 30
"NC Solutions data for 2024 shows that, while 84% of respondents still feel drinking is a big part of America’s culture, that’s down from 93% in 2

Could we embrace the nonalcoholic option?

It's such a struggle to get this choice represented at events.
the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune
June 30
U.S. Rep. John Curtis speaks with reporters after his win during an election night party on June 25 in Provo, Utah. Curtis has won the Utah GOP primar

Welcome wears out for extremists

Last week's primaries offered hope that American voters are tiring of that approach.
Peter Janes
June 30
The Aerial Lift Bridge allows the Presque Isle ship to pass through along Lake Superior June 16 in Duluth.

If the Aerial Lift Bridge could talk

The incident in Baltimore's harbor in March brings to mind a Duluth Ship Canal experience 50 years ago.
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