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Steve Chapman
June 7
Vice President Kamala Harris is keeping busy, but there are risks to that decision.

Kamala Harris and the worsening job of vice president

She's undertaken a portfolio of nearly impossible tasks with considerable political risk.
Opinion Exchange
June 6

Bankruptcy laws shouldn't be an escape hatch for opioid makers

Marketing strategies falsely claimed drugs were not addictive.
Barb Schlaefer
June 6
The view of downtown Minneapolis from Farview Park in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Minneapolis.

What a commitment to parks will require in Minneapolis

Funding to fully operate these vital spaces is lacking.
John Farrell
June 6
Minnesota Power and Xcel Energy have proposed gas-fired power plants that will last 40 years, despite pledges from both utilities to produce all carbo

Wrong incentives drive energy decisions in Minnesota

Customers are held captive without competition, and profit — not environmental — motives rule. The Public Utilities Commission can change this.
Susan Schmidt
June 6
Hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists spent the afternoon at Bde Maka Ska in April, 2020.

Fresh data show the disparities in access to parks

Investment in a more equitable system will build a stronger Twin Cities.
the Editorial Board of the Seattle Times
June 5

Who's a journalist in the digital age?

The lines are blurred by social media, but standards must still apply.
Vanessa Waltz
June 5
The Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet Mall got a mask and rubber glove, perhaps for levity in the face of the Coronavirus, and seen Wednesday, April

What I don't talk about when I talk about the pandemic

Some right results for the wrong reason.
Michael Bredeson
June 5
An ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Life after ethanol: Are we prepared?

Things are changing. Farmers might find themselves producing too much corn.
John Rash
June 4
People walk by an election campaign billboard that shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and then-President Donald Trump, in Tel Avi

U.S.-Israel political parallels (and perils)

New leaders in Jerusalem and Washington will contend with a bilateral relationship that's become more political than diplomatic.
Dahleen Glanton
June 4
Naomi Osaka acknowledges the crowd following her win against Patricia Maria Tig in the first round of the French Open at Court Philippe Chatrier in Pa

Naomi Osaka was brave to put her well-being ahead of her job

If only more Black women had that option.
David Brooks
June 4
People today are living longer, staying healthier longer and accomplishing things late in life that once seemed possible only at younger ages.

You may live a lot longer

"Treating aging sounds like science fiction until you've heard about the latest developments in aging biology."
Noah Smith
June 4
President Joe Biden, in a bid for a bipartisan compromise that is unlikely to ever materialize, has voluntarily stripped science research funding from

Democrats are failing the country in science funding

Our leaders appear not to recognize the importance of federal research as a tool of national economic prosperity and development.
Opinion Exchange
June 3

Biden takes aim at all factors hampering Black Americans

U.S. must address inequality in health care, education, housing and more.
Andy Tix
June 3
Thinking critically is key to moving forward in the world.

Six skills we need as citizens who can't agree on scientific facts

We must learn to think critically as we wrestle with the problems of the world.
Bret Stephens
June 3
A security official moves journalists away from the Wuhan Institute of Virology after a World Health Organization team arrived for a field visit in Wu

Media groupthink and the lab-leak theory

One scandal is yet to be proved. Another is yet to be digested.
Pat Samples
June 3
Let’s enjoy the aging process, rather than try to fight it, the writer says.

Language matters. So how about 'pro-aging' instead of 'anti-aging'?

Let's be for long, healthy lives, but not against the direction we're all headed.
Dana Montalto
June 3
Veterans have been wrongly refused care due to having “bad paper.” Above, the Minneapolis VA Hospital in 2014.

VA has illegally denied health care to thousands of veterans

It's because of a pervasive misunderstanding, and misapplication, of the rules regarding other-than-honorable discharges.
Cole Stangler
June 3
A demonstrator wearing a yellow jacket waves a French flag near the Champs-Elysees avenue during a demonstration Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, in Paris. Fre

France is becoming more like the United States. It's terrible.

Culture wars are America's true gift to France.
Mark Mahon
June 2
During their 1990 Minnesota visit, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa, greeted spectators outside the governor’s residence in St. Paul.

The lost future of Gorbachev's visit to Minnesota

June 3, 1990, was a window of optimism, but U.S.-Russia relations are again as cold as they were in the mid-1980s.
Bill Pollnow
June 2
Scott Benalken drove his Jeep Wrangler through the rain in 2018, down what would be the Border to Border “touring route” on existing roads to welc

Editorial counterpoint: Border-to-border 'adventure' route poses significant risks

The Star Tribune Editorial Board, like the DNR, would accept doing the environmental damage first and repairing it later.
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