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Zoë McLaren
April 30
Vehicles wound through the parking lots at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium in February. The setting was one of the largest vaccination sites in the country

The math that explains the end of the pandemic

Get ready for exponential decay.
Dahleen Glanton
April 30
President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani spoke at the Save America Rally near the White House on Jan. 6, 2021. On Wednesday, FBI agent

Look on the bright side, GOP

Maybe the raid on Rudy Giuliani will turn up dirt on Hunter Biden.
Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg Opinion
April 29
Stickers for those vaccinated wait in the observation room in Community Health Services to be handed out post-vaccination in Aspen, Colo., Wednesday,

Vaccine tribalism is one more way to divide us

The latest social question is "Which vaccine did you get?"
David Lebedoff
April 29
Minnesota kept its seats in Congress, but those “safe seats” can be dangerous.

State saved its seat, but 'safe seats' are dangerous

After the census, new district lines will be drawn with the goal of making the incumbents impossible to beat.
Tina Mortimer
April 29
The CDC is pulling back on mask rules but Minnesota is still requiring them, in certain conditions, for outdoor sports.

State's outdoor sports mask rules make no sense

While the CDC is loosening the rules, Minnesota is tightening them on baseball and softball.
Ezra Klein
April 29
The U.S. Capitol building.

The case against bipartisanship

Democrats and Republicans can't agree on anything. They shouldn't have to.
Charlie Pillsbury
April 28
General Mills, the parent company of Pillsbury, has its corporate headquarters in Golden Valley, Minn.

Why we must boycott Pillsbury

We cannot support the products bearing our name when its parent company is benefiting from Israel's war crimes.
Brian DeVore
April 28
Simmental beef cattle feed on hay in a pasture near Middletown, Ill.

Counterpoint: Don't turn to animal-free meat; just let the animals out

When it comes to meat, it's not about the cow, it's about the how.
Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times
April 28
Caitlyn Jenner at an event in January. She has announced her run for California governor in a recall election. A ballot now all but certain to take pl

Caitlyn Jenner can't run for governor on celebrity alone

With her inattention to political details, her candidacy appears to be a half-baked confection.
Opinion Exchange
April 28

It's disappointing that SCOTUS took on gun case

Court will hear challenge to New York's responsibly strict, lifesaving laws.
Doyle McManus
April 28
The U.S. Capitol, early Wednesday, April 28, 2021, as President Joe Biden prepares to address House and Senate lawmakers on his first 100 days in offi

Joe Biden is from the government, and he's here to help. Really.

He's become the anti-Reagan in that sense, and his speech to Congress will make that clear.
Bryce Covert
April 28
A home health aide accompanied her charge to a vaccine appointment in Queens, New York, in March. The Biden administration, as part of its infrastruct

The debate over what constitutes 'infrastructure' is ridiculous

Both snarled traffic and a morning without a home health aide can make you late for work.
LZ Granderson
April 28
President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion infrastructure plan includes $109 billion for two years of free community college, as well as billions in invest

'Free' community college sounds good, but Biden is asking the wrong question

The right one: Why does higher ed cost so much? This deserves the kind of close scrutiny government applies to public utilities.
Opinion Exchange
April 27

This time, governor makes the right call on Michigan's COVID approach

Closing big swaths of the economy would be too costly on many fronts.
Olivia Devaraj
April 27
Epilepsy is a neurological condition of the brain characterized by someone having two or more unprovoked seizures. A seizure is a brief electrical sur

Every Minnesota school should be 'seizure smart'

All of Minnesota's students should feel safe at school — including those with epilepsy. Passing legislation would make it possible.
John Phelan
April 27
As businesses begin reopening, many are hiring. The trouble is, people aren’t taking the jobs.

A new unemployment problem: it pays too well

You can't entice people to take jobs that make less than unemployment offers.
Keith Franke, Craig Kittelson and Dan Harrison
April 27
A bar patron plays electronic pulltabs in Coon Rapids.

Minnesota Legislature, don't pull the plug on e-pulltabs

Charities benefit, and so do we.
Paul Krugman
April 27
Larry Kudlow, former director of the White House National Economic Council, spoke during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla

Beer, brussels sprouts, Bernie Madoff and today's GOP

The common thread is the concept of affinity fraud: scams that prey upon people by exploiting a sense of shared identity.
Bret Stephens
April 27
Ibram X. Kendi, whom New York Times columnist Bret Stephens describes as the most important anti-racist thinker today, argues that “the only remedy

Race and the coming liberal crackup

Liberalism as it's classically understood would have doubts about fixing wrongs with wrongs.
Michelle Goldberg
April 27
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., during a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation confirmation hearing on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Wash

Marco Rubio's 'woke capital' tantrum

And what he could do instead to show his sincerity against corporate turpitude.
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