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Thomas L. Friedman
February 18
A few members of the deer population wandered the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Md.

San Francisco's liberals, Donald Trump's GOP and the deer in my back yard

The problem in each case, literally with the animals and metaphorically with the politicians: A lack of predators.
Patrick B. Pexton, CQ-Roll Call (TNS)
February 18
The threats in cyberspace include not just hacking but the spread of misinformation, writes Patrick B. Pexton of CQ Roll Call. A U.S. House Homeland S

Cybersecurity is not a tech problem, it's a matter of national survival

Like human disease, the attacks do not cease and will not cease.
Stephen Trimble
February 18
The Valley of the Gods, near Blanding, Utah, was inside the boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument before a directive by President Donald Trump re

Restore Utah's national monuments and make the fix permanent

Leaders from that state play the victim over policies in red rock country. But these are federal lands.
Opinion Exchange
February 17

Help is nearby for a mental health crisis

Minnesota has joined national suicide prevention network.
Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune (TNS)
February 17
February is cold and dreary, but know that it will end and spring will come.

Feeling down, drab, gray, weary, etc.? Diagnosis: February

Every year our moods take a dive along with the temperatures.
Ron Way
February 17
Water vapor rises above St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River as the Stone Arch Bridge is obscured, on Jan. 29, 2019, in Minneapolis.

Hyped up weather reports only make winter more bothersome

We get it; it's cold. Just don't forget your hat.
Gary Marvin Davison
February 17
MCAs are just one way to test students’ knowledge.

Counterpoint: Public school students aren't learning the 'wrong' thing

In public schools throughout Minnesota they're learning too little of anything at all, and changing social studies standards won't help.
Nick Murray
February 17
Gov. Tim Walz in April 2020. He’s one of many governors around the country who’s made use of emergency powers during the pandemic.

Scrutinize the use of emergency powers in times of crisis

States should consider reforms as they try to make sense of everything that happened last year.
Rekha Basu, Des Moines Register (TNS)
February 17
The opening day of the Iowa Legislature on Jan. 11, 2021.

In Iowa, lawmakers wade into anti-trans school bathroom restrictions

The proposed rule, requiring people to use the restroom matching their sex at birth, would cause trouble. I know, because a friend and I tested it.
Editorial Board
February 17
Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore in June 2020. Moore has denounced a Valentine’s Day image that includes a photo of George Floyd with the capti

Don't brush off LAPD's disgusting George Floyd 'joke'

The incident undermines the department's progress at a critical time for police nationwide.
Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
February 16
House impeachment managers watch Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., speak after the Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump,

Senate GOP has disfigured democracy, maybe for good

They have normalized behavior which at one time would have been inconceivable.
Rudy Boschwitz
February 16
Then Secretary of State George Shultz is sworn before the Iran-contra panel in Washington on July 22, 1987. Shultz, who presided with a steady hand ov

Rudy Boschwitz on George Shultz: A long life lived well

Shultz, a former secretary of state who died earlier this month, helped change the world with a life in government.
the Editorial Board of the New York Daily News
February 16
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, shown in Manhattan in 2019.

Andrew Cuomo's cover-up

Shame on the New York governor for misleading the public for so long about COVID deaths in nursing homes and adult care facilities.
Virginia Postrel
February 16
A Nov. 21, 2020, demonstration in Huntington Beach, Calif., calling for a recall on Gov. Gavin Newsom following a stay-at-home order amid the COVID-19

A California coup?

Gov. Gavin Newsom has a problem on his hands.
Steven Rosenfeld
February 16
Maricopa County election officials counted ballots for the general election at the Maricopa County Recorders Office, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Phoen

Arizona's lingering vote fight misses big (if nerdy) point about election integrity

Omitted from audit are the computer files created to count votes and the activity logs documenting that process.
Opinion Exchange
February 15

Biden can stop the 'machinery of death' by ending death penalty

Start by commuting federal death sentences to life without parole.
Mike Klein
February 15
Like the current pandemic of COVID-19, tuberculosis took the lives of many loved ones in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Above, lights surroun

Searching for a forebear lost to epidemic long-ago

Tuberculosis ravaged the United States at the turn of the 20th century and, like COVID-19 today, left families missing loved ones.
Cass R. Sunstein, Bloomberg Opinion
February 15
The Supreme Court is visible behind razor wire covered fencing in Washington, on Feb. 10, during the second impeachment trial of former President Dona

Must freedom of speech include the freedom to lie?

Even when proven false, lies burrow in our minds, making the truth hard to believe.
Opinion Exchange
February 14
Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC's new leader faces pandemic and rebuilding job

Rochelle Walensky needs to restore nation's trust in public health agency.
Mary Kosuth
February 14
The convenience of plastic is costing us.

Post-pandemic, plastic is the crisis we must face

Everything from beaches to our bodies have shown evidence of contamination.
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