Thursday's "topping out" ceremony at the new Vikings' stadium — a traditional thing at a construction project to celebrate the placement of the highest or last steel beam — was partly delayed because of heavy rain. The Vikings made it through that bit of misfortune in pretty good shape … but now they're dealing with another issue from the event.

Stadium workers were given Vikings stocking caps as a thank-you gift. The only problem? Minnesota was spelled "Minesota," as you can see in the photo above — which was tweeted out by @abbyferri, who said the cap belongs to a friend of hers.

It was nothing malicious, of course; just one of those unfortunate things that happens, as a Vikings spokesman explained, — adding that corrected hats are already in the works:

The Vikings said in a statement: "The knit hats came from an NFL-licensed vendor and were delivered in boxes directly to the construction site for yesterday's event. As the hats were being distributed, Vikings employees noticed the typo, immediately contacted the retailer and ordered new hats to be delivered and provided to all construction workers as soon as possible. The team also apologized to Mortenson Construction for the mistake. We greatly value the dedication and effort of the entire stadium workforce."