Whether it was on purpose as a mid-season folly or some intern is cleaning out their desk this morning, the game ops folks at Target Field caught the eye of the internet Thursday night.

The Twins responded on Friday, calling the mistake an 'operator error.'.

With the trade deadline fast approaching, a handful of people noticed fake Major League Baseball trades announced on the stadium's smaller video boards. The web site TwinkieTown was among those making the catch.


Cleveland was surprised to hear about the deal.


And the situation brought out the social media comedians:



Twinkie Town added this video a bit later:


The Twins, of course, did actually make a deal after Thursday's game, sending Eduardo Nunez to San Francisco for lefthander Adalberto Mejia. But well before that was official the website 12up.com was the first to point out Target Field's gaffe.

"Nice try guys," the site wrote, "but as you know, the Internet exists."

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