Having your art displayed in a major museum is a rare honor. But once every ten years, Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) offers that singular experience to all Minnesota artists -- with one small stipulation.

To participate in the "Foot in the Door" exhibition, Minnesota artists must create a work of art no larger than one cubic foot. All media are welcome -- sculpture, painting, photography, videos under 80 seconds -- and all submissions will be "accepted and displayed," according to a release from the event organizers. 

A video from the event last year shows a line of artists snaked around the museum, waiting to hand over their creations to the curators -- who are then tasked with displaying thousands of pieces. The feat is equal parts curatorial judgment and puzzle solving.

VideoVideo (08:42): Everybody knows its coming, everyone is vying for a space on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts wall. From outsider artists, to the more well established, Foot in the Door gives MN artists a chance to hang their work on the wall of a museum without the harrowing curatorial process in place at other museums. Produced by mn original: http://mnoriginal.org

"Foot in the Door" began in 1980 with 740 Minnesota artists; by 2010, the show included works from more than 4,800 artists and brought 102,000 visitors to the museum.

Next year, the exhibition will take place for the fifth time since its inception, from July 10 through August 23, 2020. Mia will begin accepting submissions in the spring of 2020.

Amateur and professional artists alike are welcome to participate. Mia will post submission guidelines here in January.