Kirk Cousins wants to trademark his angry phrase, ``You like that!'' I had dibs. That's what I've yelled at my kids every Christmas morning.

Sometime in the next 36 hours, the NFL may suspend Odell Beckham for his helmet-to-jaw cheapshot of Carolina's Josh Norman on Sunday.

Doing so would be just. It will also be quite a test. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be suspending perhaps the most spectacular player in the league for a game that had been flexed to Sunday night between two teams with playoff hopes on the chanmpionship weekend of fantasy football in the wake of the release of the movie Concussion.

If Goodell follows through with a suspension of Beckham, I'll be forced for the first time to give him a little credit. A little.

According to Pro Football Focus, Bridgewater's three incompletions on Sunday came on two drops and a batted pass.

I'm sure my local peers won't appreciate this, but the Steve Harvey fiasco - naming the wrong winner in the Miss Universe pageant, followed by misspelling Philippines and Colombia - is further proof of something I've discovered over the years.

A lot of the people you like watching on TV and listening to on the radio can't spell. I"m serious.

Here's the thing about Beckham: I think it is only right that he be suspended and heavily fined. And a suspension would help the Vikings make the playoffs.

I also care about entertainment, and quality of play. And Beckham might be the most interesting player and spectacular receiver to hit the NFL since Randy Moss.

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