On the trail

Hillary Clinton is turning her attention to Super Tuesday after her win in Nevada on Saturday. Democrats face off in South Carolina on Feb. 27, but with a comfortable lead in polls there, Clinton headed to Houston while husband Bill Clinton made his way to Pueblo, Colo. Those states will hold a primary and caucuses, respectively, on March 1. The former president will also speak in Colorado Springs on Sunday. Texas and Colorado are among 13 states and one territory that hold primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign says it raised more than $21 million in January, bringing its total for the campaign to almost $95 million. That’s according to fundraising reports through Jan. 31 that the Sanders campaign filed on Saturday. The campaign says the average donation amount was $27. Sanders has made campaign finance reform and ending what he calls corruption in politics a major focus of his campaign. Rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign says it raised roughly $15 million in January.

Hillary Clinton almost crossed paths with rival Bernie Sanders at Harrah’s casino Saturday morning before the caucuses began as both tried to drive up turnout among their supporters. Sanders slipped into an employee cafeteria to shake hands with workers. About 10 minutes later, Clinton came in to do the same. “I need your help this morning in the showroom,” she told workers, who get two hours off work to caucus at sites in the casino. “Spread the word — paid time off!” Earlier Saturday, Sanders met with culinary workers at the MGM Grand casino.

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