Two months before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not losing steam.

A new national poll from Quinnipiac University found them solidifying their positions in the races for the Republican and Democratic nominations.

A month ago, Trump and Dr. Ben Carson were tied, but survey results released Wednesday showed Trump clearly in first place with 27 percent of Republican voters. Carson dropped to third place with 16 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had 17 percent.

The poll showed Clinton ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by a margin of 60 percent to 30 percent among Democratic voters.

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Bush aims sharp barbs at Trump

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush sharply criticized the Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying his election would be a “dangerous thing” for the country.

In an interview, Bush also denied suggestions that he might abandon his campaign efforts in Iowa.

Trump’s “lack of seriousness is a serious problem,” he said. “If a guy, as capable as he is as a politician, became president, has no clue what he’s doing, that’s a dangerous thing.”

Bush said he’d support Trump if Republicans pick him as their candidate but added, “I have total confidence” that voters “are not going to support Donald Trump as the nominee.”

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How Cruz would reshape Court

Ted Cruz believes Republicans have “an abysmal record” when it comes to picking Supreme Court justices, and the Texas senator promised to rectify that if he’s elected president.

Cruz said in an interview that he would “be willing to spend the capital to ensure that every Supreme Court nominee that I put on the court is a principled judicial conservative.”

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