On the trail

Hillary Clinton on Thursday won the endorsement of the political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus. The endorsement provided an institutional boost as she battles with Sen. Bernie Sanders for the support of black voters. The 19-member board of the caucus’ political action committee voted to back her, with Sanders failing to get any votes and two people abstaining. The board members said Clinton had spent her career proving her commitment to causes important to them, including poverty and voting rights.

Donald Trump is hitting Pope Francis over his upcoming visit to the U.S.-Mexican border. Trump says in an interview on Fox Business News Thursday, “that the pope is a very political person.” He said of the pope: “I don’t think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with Mexico.”

Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign announced that former President George W. Bush would campaign in North Charleston on Monday with his brother. A radio ad featuring the 43rd president has already been airing on airwaves in this early primary state, but the two have not appeared together.

John Kasich won’t attack his rivals, but his advisers will. Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, is characterizing South Carolina as a “must-win” state for both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Weaver says he’s eager to watch the “tarantula-scorpion battle” between the two.

Donald Trump and his Republican presidential rivals were lambasted by two dozen Latino celebrities who implored voters to reject Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and other top Republican presidential candidates who they say have turned their backs on the Latino community and “embraced the party of Trump.” In “an open letter to the Latino community,” Carlos Santana, George Lopez, Zoe Saldana, America Ferrera, Benjamin Bratt and others said, “We’ve seen clearly that all the leading Republican candidates have sided with the far-right at the expense of the Latino community. They’re capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community in order to win votes from the GOP base.”

Associated Press