"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" (PG-13) Nearly 20 years after he literally rode off into the sunset, the world's most famous archaeologist/adventurer returned to the big-screen, a bit rustier but still able to throw a good punch. The summer blockbuster reunites Harrison Ford's Indy with the love of his life, Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), and introduces Shia LaBeouf as the couple's love child, who tags along on a quest involving aliens from another dimension. Spielberg notes in an interview on the two-disc DVD and Blu-ray sets (Paramount, $40 each) that he always viewed the sunset shot that ends "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" to be his farewell to Indy but that Ford, executive producer George Lucas and the fans would not let the franchise rest.

While Spielberg said no to Lucas' initial idea to have Indy in an all-out battle with extraterrestrials, he eventually came around to a story that pitted Indy and Soviet operatives (including Cate Blanchett) in a Cold War race to discover the alien power of a crystal skull. Extras include extensive behind-the-scenes material on visual effects, stunts, makeup and the far-flung locations where the movie was shot.

"War, Inc." (R) John Cusack, Dan Aykroyd, Hilary Duff and Marisa Tomei star in a satire about the business of war that centers on a U.S. operative who goes undercover in a corporate overseas job to carry out the assassination of a foreign oil minister (First Look, $29; Blu-ray, $35).