Statement of Olson Family

On behalf of Katherine, the Olson family wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to all of those who have offered their faith and support during this difficult time. The support we have received through the thousands of cards and e-mails has touched us and helped to soften the pain of our grief. The substantial contributions to the memorials that have been set up in Katherine's name will be used to carry on the causes for which Katherine was so passionate.

It remains the wish of the entire Olson family that Katherine be remembered as the incredibly vivacious and compassionate young woman she was.

We continue to grieve her senseless murder. Our personal loss is compounded by the loss to the world of this great gift. Katherine's legacy should not be that of an unfortunate victim, but as a person who lived a good life, a life of faith, a life full of hope, and a life full of concern for people. Katherine would have wanted it that way.

The Olson family realizes there will be much focus on the criminal proceedings and out of respect for that process, the family will keep its comments to a minimum.

Thank you to all the public servants who helped us in our time of need. We are touched by the outpouring of love from so many and the graciousness of the supporters surrounding us.

Rolf and Nancy Olson