Olly the Jack Russell Terrier isn’t going to win Best in Show anytime soon, but he won the internet on Monday with his enthusiastic agility-course performance.

The scrappy little rescue dog competed at Crufts (the U.K. version of the Westminster Dog Show) last weekend, and what he lacked in ability and accuracy, he more than made up for with joyful abandon.

The 10-week old adopted pup barreled, face-planted and generally destroyed the course designed for the Rescue Dog Agility contest — leaving his handler, Karen, desperately chasing after him and the British commentator in hysterics.

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“He’s all over the place, and so he should be,” said the voiceover from the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. “Wrong way … oh, it doesn’t matter.”

“Olly is totally crazy. As you can see, he is having a ball.”

Our hero tripped over one fence sliding across the fake turf, totally missed another and then simply sprinted out of the arena.

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“What a nose dive, and he couldn’t care less,” the highly amused commentator added.

Watch the adorable video above.