Old and young alike, there's lots of love at the State Fair

Early in the morning, the old couples hold hands as they stroll past crop art and fine art. As night falls, the kids on dates cuddle up on the midway rides and share sweet treats. There's room for old and young love at the fair. 


Jesus Marquez and his wife, Joan, of Mendota Heights have been married for 39 years. They spent the evening dancing to the music of Ecuador Manta.
Lucas Scholtz and his wife, Shawna, of Ramsey, leaned in for a photo.
Ahmad Yusuf and his fiancee, Noora Gomez, lit up the midway with their smiles.
Matt Pickhartz, left, and Mike Schutz shared an apple pie and ice cream on a fair date.
Taylor Greathouse and her boyfriend, Daniel Sloper, were big winners on the midway.
Niels Haenebalcke dipped his new bride, Kirsa Haenebalcke, as they hit the fair the day after getting married.
Hlee Yang, 19, and her boyfriend, Dennis Thao, 20, spent the evening together at the fair.
A long-married couple stepped out together to the music of Ecuador Manta.
Eric Cervantes 9, looked sheepish as Nathaniel Cervantes and his wife, Luz Elena Cervantes, smooched in the middle of the fair.
James and Veronica Min Wotipka have been married for 51 years. They attended the fair every day this year. They have staying power.