I love Minnesota's increasingly super-sized summers. But there's something about the first warm spell of April, when you can finally unclench those tense winter muscles — without the baggage of humidity, bugs and raging thunderstorms.

NASA can track spring green-up from space, but nature provides her own phenological cues as we track the first dandelions, frogs, lilacs and crabapples. According to the Minnesota DNR, the first red-winged blackbirds of the season were heard in Maplewood on March 5, nine days earlier than average — the second earliest on record.

Odds are you'll be chirping a happy tune today and Saturday as temperatures mellow. The first 70 of 2017 is possible Saturday, right on schedule. A few T-storms bubble up on Sunday, but dew points and instability may not be sufficient to support anything severe.

Enjoy the drama-free weather. Tornadoes down south, slush in the Great Lakes, soaking rains on both coasts. And here we sit, meteorologically content. For now.