Let’s hope that Minneapolis Tribune photographer Earl Seubert had plenty of candy on hand when the cheerful “trick-and-treaters” below leaned into the entryway of his St. Louis Park home. The original caption describes Seubert as “a regular goblin with camera and strobe.” But not in a scary way: The kids clearly enjoyed the moment, knowing that treats such as Salted Nut Rolls, Smarties and Milky Ways would soon fall into their sacks.

What were your favorite Halloween candies? Least favorite? First costume? Scariest moment? As always, your memories -- and feedback -- are much appreciated.

Look closely at the marvelous details in this photo: The winter coats and warm caps; the kid at bottom left wearing a store-bought "Howdy Doody's Indian Princess" fringed costume paired incongruously with a plastic pirate mask; the homemade monster mask at right; the blonde girl's beads; and all the energy in every smile. 

The original caption helpfully noted that the 11 youngsters didn’t actually "crash through glass to stick their heads and treat sacks into the entrance hall — Seubert hasn’t put on his storm door yet.” Looks like the door was in place; it’s the storm window that was missing, most likely set aside to allow sack-toting tricksters unfettered access to the candy inside.