Westerberg, Mary Lou On July 2, 2024 Mary Lou Westerberg (Philipp) shuffled off to Buffalo in her home which is exactly what she wanted. Preceded in death by her parents Stephen and Frances. Husband Hal. Beloved siblings, Paul, Robert and Peggy (Brother-in-law Tom McNamee). Also, her oldest daughter Anne Ellingson. Survived by her children, Julie, Philipp, Paul and Mary Lucia. Grandson Johnny and many nieces and nephews. Marylou worked in banking her entire adult life. She played piano, loved shrimp Rangoon; and autumn apples. A daily crossword puzzle enthusiast, she also loved word games. Her favorite music was Chuck Berry. Her signature fragrance was Estee Lauder's Youth Dew. She took great care in her appearance applying makeup every morning with her coffee at the kitchen table. Her greatest love in life was baseball. A lifelong Twins fan. It really was everything to her. Though none of us have taken a DNA test, the possibility that some of her children might be fathered by the Boston Red Sox's Ted Williams remains a running joke. She was a complex woman of great strength and a strong will. She referred to The Wizard of Oz and It's a Wonderful Life as sentimental fantasy crap. At the time of her passing she had active crushes on Rudy Gobert, Bryan Buxton, and some dude whose name we don't know from Dancing with The Stars. Her last at bat she hits a deep fly ball to left field, way back, she's rounding third stopping only briefly to check her lipstick, she's coming home sliding over the plate cleats first taking out both the catcher and an umpire. SAFE!!!!

Published on July 7, 2024