Bellamy, Lucas John passed away on Thursday July 21, 2022. He was born on January 16, 1981 to Louis and Colleen Bellamy of Orono, Minnesota. He attended Breck School for eleven years before transferring to Hopkins High School. He attended Landmark College in Vermont and returned to the Twin Cities where he made his home. Lucas was charming, courteous, and had a powerful magnetism that drew others to him. His humor kept most of us in stitches. An eternal optimist, he could find the silver lining even when the glimmer seemed thin and far away. He was insatiably curious, intelligent, and could fix anything he found in his hands. He applied these attributes to wood and metal work where despite his slight stature, he was recognized as improbably strong, often outworking men twice his size. Lucas was an accomplished marksman and loved duck and pheasant hunting with his father and uncle. He enjoyed downhill skiing, competing in high school, was an avid golfer, and found great joy in preparing and cooking meals for those he loved. He showcased his talents onstage at Penumbra Theatre performing in Waiting in Vain, Sleep Deprivation Chamber, and Get Ready, where his role as a shy poindexter who turned into a suave, slick emcee won the hearts of audiences night after night. As a child, Lucas was often hospitalized with asthmatic emergencies. The care he received from doctors and nurses throughout his life instilled in him a deep commitment to charity for children's hospitals. Lucas was a patient teacher and made even the most insecure learners feel safe enough to try something new. He often said the most meaningful work he had done was to support children with special needs, especially those whose disabilities isolated them socially. Lucas was a deeply loyal person whose sense of fair play and compassion guided him to always look for the best in others, hoping the same would be offered to him in return. He loved greatly and eternally; once someone found their way into Lucas' heart, he would keep a permanent home there for that person, no matter how rocky or estranged the relationship might have become. He would drop everything to help a friend or family member in need. In his short life, Lucas saw much of the world, meeting people and making friends in places far and wide. He never lost his faith in the goodness of people, even as he suffered many disappointments and injuries along the way. He cherished his son, Greyson, and wanted so much to be a positive role model for him, but sacrificed precious time waiting for perfection as he tried to overcome his chemical dependency. Lucas struggled for over twenty years with addiction, and while his death at just 41 years old is tragic and far too soon, leaving us brokenhearted and bereft of his light, we also celebrate the strength he demonstrated over and over again as he tried to fight the powerful hold alcohol and then opioids had on him. We bear witness to how heroically he fought those demons and even in our brokenness, we celebrate the courage and valor of a man who fought and rose so many times. We rose and fell along with him. Lucas is survived by his son, his mother and father, his sister, Sarah, his former wife and the mother of his child, Kim DelMonico, his uncles, Tim Gavin, Terry Bellamy and Layne Bellamy, aunts, Jane Gavin and Margaret Bellamy, nephews, Maxim and Julian Bellamy Young, and countless friends. A celebration of his life is forthcoming. In lieu of flowers, donations made in his name to Children's Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are appreciated.

Published on July 31, 2022