Paul, Robin Henry passed away on May 15th, 2022, age 94. He was an only child born 11-18-1928 in Detroit, MI. As a child he moved to Petoskey, MI. He entered the Navy in 1946 and served as an electrical technician on the destroyer The Wood. When honorably discharged in 1949 he returned to Petoskey and later graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Michigan. While in college he married his first wife, Maxine Boyer. They had two children, Sherry and Penny. He is survived by his two daughters, two stepdaughters (Nan and Robin Langevin), three grandchildren, two step grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He worked for many years as an electrical engineer at Honeywell. He married his second wife, Jo, in 1985. Robin earned his private pilot's license just after graduating college. He enjoyed flying to his island cabin in Lake of the Woods as well as flying for ten years to the Bahama out islands for the month of March. After Robin and Jo stopped flying, they wintered in Port Aransas, Texas for many years. He and Jo loved to travel. They visited all continents except Antarctica. Robin especially enjoyed river trips; sailing the Yangtze, the Volga and the Amazon. He also enjoyed being a member Gyro International, a men's friendship group. He was a true gentleman and his was a life well lived. He will be missed. Interment at Fort Snelling. Date tbd.

Published on June 19, 2022