Pew, Maria Fernanda Elizabeth Maria Pew left this world April 30, 2020. Her funny observations, sparkling eyes and big smile, gentleness and unwavering love live forever. Maria was a bit magical, a bit ethereal. In her world, she saw spirits and angels. Maria was always herself, an observer, real in each moment, quietly true to her feelings. At 28, Maria said she was so proud she was a work in progress! There is no bottom to missing her. Maria is best friend and daughter to Bill Pew and Lissa Weimelt. At Bill's side, Maria hunted, fished, rode horses like the wind, shot trap, and drove cars, snowmobiles and four wheelers-- fast. She was a confident and poised girl, rocking tight leggings, 4-inch heels with red Latina dresses, and black biker gear. Maria was a gymnast, dancer and cheerleading flyer, loving to perform and win. She was intrigue, combining impish, sweet, sensual and charming. She was crazy in love with her dogs, especially Rocky, her Mr. Wigglebutt. Maria loved the ocean and lakes, the magic of sunset, and her footprints in the sand. She really loved her parents, always calling, staying close and chowing down her favorite meal, Pheasant a la Pew. She got her BA cum laude by working hard. Maria loved jobs in sales and creative marketing. Fairness was important to her, and she chose to see good and possibility in others. Maria's cousins in fierce love are: Eric, Nicole, Mercer Olson; Abbie, Marshall, Emily, Everly, Wylie Weimelt; Sara, Lucas, Catalaya, Caio Silva; Robin, Jason, Emory Bates; James, Brittany Grisham; Eric, Katie, Henry, Betsy, Heidi Bottema; Chanda, Jacobus, Savanah, Garrison Peens. Rebecca and Rachel Dehner. Maria's old soul loved Grandparents Mary and Jim, Mim and Del. She adored Auntie Kate and laughed with Uncle David through not enough Laurel and Hardy movies. Her heart held close Bobo, Bob Olson; Barb, Lammert Bottema; Becky, Pepper Dehner; and Weimelts: John, Joni, Jimmy, Paul, Donna, Mark, Deb and Joe. We thank amazing friends who love Maria too; Maple Grove Police who advocate for Maria; volunteers who helped. See for memorials, and life celebration when times are safe. Maria's Voice supports domestic violence victims, first responders and Non-Profits and heals from the loss of those in dangerous relationships.

Published on June 7, 2020