New Epic Theater gets into politics in a piece that dares to chew over ideas and make us think. A scandal is brewing with the president-elect’s son (energetic actor Grant Sorenson) on election night. The kerfuffle is focused on issues of tolerance and free expression. It’s good theater, though playwright Christopher Shinn’s dramaturgy isn’t airtight. Sorenson’s character is intelligent and sophisticated, yet he argues for the longest time that he doesn’t see what the big deal is with his college prank. Has he watched politics in the last 20 years? Still, the crunchy dialogue and Joseph Stodola’s sharp staging make this one of the best shows in the Fringe. (10 p.m. Tue., 5:30 p.m. Thu., Sat.; Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Av. S., Mpls.)

Graydon Royce